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Q. What trailer chassis size does the Classic EZ Assemble Kit fit?
A. Our kit fits a 5×8 chassis and can be easily modified by the customer to fit a 4×8.

Q. Can I purchase individual parts of the kit?
A. Yes, you can purchase, for instance, the sidewalls by themselves.

Q. How thick are the side walls?
A. 3/4” White Birch, Pre-finished on one side (the inside).

Q. What all comes with the 12 piece Classic EZ Assemble Kit (The same thing as the “Original Wood Kit”)?
A. 2 sidewalls, 2 door cutouts, an 8 piece hatch kit, and a PDF Builder’s Guide and Parts/Shopping List (which includes a list of all the rest of the necessary lumber with the measurements required, and additional parts needed to complete the trailer with average prices).

Q. What all comes with the 12 piece Classic EZ Assemble Kit with Aluminum?
A. All of the pieces that come with the Classic EZ Assemble Kit as well as 2 precut aluminum sidewalls with the doors cut out.

Q. Why doesn’t the kit with aluminum include the roof?
A. The aluminum sheet for the roof is over 10ft long, and we can not include it because of the sheer size to ship. However, aluminum sheets can be purchased in almost any industrial section of a major city. Check for aluminum suppliers near you. If you do purchase your own aluminum roof, our aluminum is .025 and 5052 alloy.

Q. How much does a completed trailer cost?
A. The obvious answer is, “It varies.” However, a decent completed trailer will cost around $1,800-2,100, which includes our kit, the recommended Northern Tool trailer chassis, necessary wood, doors, lights, battery and electrical, the Fantastic Vent fan, and other essential features.

Q. How much does shipping for a kit cost?
A. The Wood Kit ships out at a flat rate of $129, and the Aluminum Kit ships at a flat rate of $139.

Q. How much does a completed trailer weigh?
A. There is no simple answer to this question. It all depends on the material the trailer is skinned with, the chassis used, if cabinets are added, etc. However, they are extremely light. Our demo kits with aluminum have been pulled by a Honda Civic and a Ford Mustang with no problems at all. They are light enough to be maneuvered around by hand as well.

Q. Where do you ship?
A. We ship to all 50 states as well as Canada and Mexico.

Q. Can you ship to my house?
A. Do to the size and weight of our kits when shipped they only ship freight and must be sent directly to our freight carrier terminals. If you would like to know the location of the nearest terminal to you, simply fill out the contact form above with your address you’d like the kit shipped to, and we will notify you of the location. Once a kit is purchased and shipped, you will set up a time to pick your kit up from the terminal it was shipped to.

Q. How long does it take for my kit to arrive from the time of purchase?
A. Out kits require 10-15 business days to be processed, cut, prepared, and packaged. After this freight shipping takes about 5 business days for delivery depending on location. NOTE: Shipping to Canada and Mexico require greater amounts of time for both steps in the process.

Q. Can I have modifications made to my trailer?
A. Yes, although limited, there are some minor changes that can be made to a kit. For example, some kits have been made with only one door, or no galley pre-cuts, etc.